Preamble of abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner

Preamble of abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner

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  • Abt Mag. Gerhard Hafner

Dear reader!

Our benedictine monastery was founded 1074 - old history but young, catholic and modern spirit is living behind our walls.

We want to search for God with his message and the person Jesus Christ as well as the mindset of St. Benedict. This is our fundament with which we want to be here for people in the church, in our social projects, in the education, in the culture and in the economy. 

Going the path of life with God, you can expect the unexpected in your life.

  • This is the case for men, who decided to live in our monastery to follow Jesus Christ.
  • This is the case for our visitors in the museum area.
  • This is the case for our pupils, who are attending our grammar school and will be prepared for the real life through our teachers.
  • This is the case for our employees in the diverse companies who care for our social and humanitarian projects.

 Visit us in Admont!

Cordial blessings,

Abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner, Admont monastery

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(up from 8th Century)

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