Pilgrimage routes

Pilgrimage routes

Pilgrimage routes that either start at or pass close by Admont Abbey!

On this page, we provide a short description of pilgrimage routes that either start at or pass close by Admont Abbey.


  • Hemma pilgrimage route

    from Admont to Gurk (186.6 km)

    Hemma pilgrimage route

    St. Hemma was born in 980 as Countess of Freisach-Zeltschach and was the founder of the Benedictine abbeys in Gurk and Admont. Commencing at Admont Abbey, the Hemma pilgrimage route leads to Gurk in Carinthia, where St. Hemma is buried in the crypt of the cathedral. She has been venerated in Carinthia, Styria and Slovenia for centuries. Although she was born a countess, she used her great wealth for the benefit of the poor and to establish numerous ecclesiastical foundations.

  • The Benedict route

    from Spital am Pyhrn to Gornji Grad in Slovenia (126.1 km)

    The Benedict route

    The Benedict route was created in 2009 to mark the 200th anniversary of the resettlement of St. Paul’s Abbey in Lavanttal. It bears the name of the founder of the Benedictine order, St. Benedict of Nursia. The route starts in Spital am Pyhrn and leads via Admont, Seckau, Maria Buch, Wolfsberg, St. Paul’s Abbey and Slovenj Gradec to Gornji Grad in Slovenia.

(up from 8th Century)

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