Panorama staircase

Panorama staircase

A perfect combination of architecture and nature!

The ‘panorama staircase’ is encased in a glass-steel construction and is mounted on the external east wall of the museum building. It was built for the new museum opened in 2003 both to provide an escape route in cases of emergency and as a location from which visitors can enjoy stunning views.

thumb PStiege 0229It extends for three floors and provides spectacular experiences in all weathers. Those on the staircase when it snows, during a thunderstorm and when the mist begins to rise feel as if they are right in the middle of these natural events. And if the weather is fine there is a breathtaking prospect over the Abbey’s grounds, with its herb beds, the ‘invisible garden’ and Abbey pond, which stretches as far as the entrance to Gesäuse National Park framed by the background of the Haller Mauern mountain chain in the distance. The staircase is emblematic of another of the special characteristics of Admont Abbey – the combination of architecture and nature.

(up from 8th Century)

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