Dveri-Pax wine tasting sessions

Dveri-Pax wine tasting sessions

In the new wine store of the Abbey's Dveri-Pax winery in Jarenina/Slovenia

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NEW: Wine tasting sessions are now available in the new wine store of the Abbey's Dveri-Pax winery in Jarenina/Slovenia, just 5 km from the border with Styria!

During each session, you'll be able to try three to five different wines, accompanied at your wish by bread, cheese and cold cuts. Afterwards, you can enjoy top class dining in our recently renovated wine store restaurant (seats up to 90 persons), just 5 km from the Spielfeld border crossing.

Wine tasting session (three wines); price per person: € 5.50

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Taste the new exhibition-wine for our gothic museum: Renski-Riesling, 2015 of the winery Dveri-Pax!


Price per bottle: € 8,90

Order the wine under Tel.: +43 (0)3613/23 12-604 or


Museumsshop2Available in our museum shop in Admont are quality wines from the Abbey's own Dveri-Pax estate. And you can also pay a visit to our vineyard in Slovenia yourself. We employ environmentally-friendly methods to create our wines. Our grapes are harvested by hand and carefully cut from the vines. We are able to combine the latest technology with experience and know how honed over centuries when it comes to making our wines. The maturation process results in wonderfully harmonious wines that are characterised by their fresh, fruity palates and the very best quality when it comes to each different type.

Our estate

We produce our wines on the estate of the former Jaringhof in Jarenina/Slovenia, where our vintner business is also based. One of the most cutting-edge wine cellars in Slovenia with its innovative production facility has now opened its doors to the public.

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(up from 8th Century)

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