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Admont Benedictine Abbey can look back on a long tradition of collecting natural history specimens and works of art. With the opening of the new museum in 2003, our activities with regard to the future sponsorship and celebration of contemporary art have been extended. The core of the current art collection is made up of contemporary Austrian works of art, although we are constantly adding more international items and are providing targeted support to artists.

Putting together a collection of contemporary art

Since 1997, Admont Abbey has continued to systematically build on and extend its historical holdings by putting together a collection of contemporary art that reflects the art movements of our time. This collection now consists of almost 1400 works by some 180 artists, most of whom were born in the period from the mid-20th century in Austria or are currently based here. In addition to works that have been purchased, a significant proportion of the collection is made up of works that have been specially commissioned. As part of our ‘MADE FOR ADMONT’ programme, we continually invite artists to come to the Abbey and work here. It is these original artworks that give the collection of Admont Abbey its unique character.

Beyond Seeing – art that brings together the blind and the sighted

A very special feature is the collection ‘BEYOND SEEING ‒ art that brings together the blind and the sighted‘. What all these works have in common is the fact that they are not designed to be primarily appreciated through visual effects. They have been specifically designed so that they can be experienced by blind, partially sighted and sighted visitors alike. The scope of the artworks that have been commissioned to date ranges from the purely sculptural through highly complex multimedia works to combined photo/braille concepts that can only be fully appreciated if blind and sighted observers collaborate and put together their perceptions.

Collection of Gothic and Baroque Madonna figures

The collection of contemporary art is being supplemented by a collection of Gothic and Baroque Madonna figures; this collection has been in the process of being put together since 2010. We also acquire historical artworks when these have some form of authentic link with Admont Abbey.

Items or parts of our collections are frequently on loan and can be seen in national and international exhibitions.

Special collections

Collection Hannes SchwarzBeyond SeeingCollection Mayer
(up from 8th Century)

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