Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Presentation

The 'Way of the Rule' is the theme of a special mirror room!

In the new museum, innovative multimedia presentations are used to provide a portrait of the Abbey. In three specially dedicated rooms, visitors can view films created with the aid of the latest media technology on the life and Rules of St. Benedict and learn about the history of the Abbey using an interactive display.

At the same time, links between the tradition-steeped and restored old paintings and the contemporary multimedia technology have been deliberately created. The objective of the presentation is to portray not only the spiritual achievements of St. Benedict of Nursia but also to show him as a courageous, persevering and powerful personality. The boundaries between the 5th and 21st centuries are made fascinatingly fluid.

The teaching and life of St. Benedict are depicted through various means. The ‘Way of the Rule’ is the theme of a special mirror room. The extraordinary effects created with help of simple tools ‒ the individual image is distended to that of a massive three-dimensional sphere ‒ will confuse, surprise and convince.

This colossal, space-filling globe and the acoustic effects have been amazing visitors and giving them food for thought since their unveiling.

The multimedia presentation and the whole museum are barrier-free!

(up from 8th Century)

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