Special exhibition 2022 - Austrian Artists Born in Styria

Special exhibition 2022 - Austrian Artists Born in Styria

Dieter Preisl - Michael Kienzer - Herbert Brandl Michael Braunsteiner
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Austrian Artists Born in Styria

Special exhibition 2022

After several years of conversion work the "most diverse private museum in Austria" (as it has been described) was able to open its doors to the public in May 2003. This is one of the museums of Admont Abbey. The inaugural exhibition in the newly constructed building dedicated to contemporary art represented the core of our collection of modern art that has been formed since 1997, consisting of paintings by Austrian artists of the younger and middle generations. 'Der Standard' newspaper stated in an article published on 30 May 2003 on this exhibition that "in Admont Abbey museum can be seen gathered together the crème de la crème of contemporary Austrian art". The first three works acquired by Admont – in other words, the basis of the current collection – were also on display during this exhibition. These three large format images of the Alpha-Omega Cycle created in the mid-1990s are by Hubert Schmalix.

Also represented were works by, among others, Erwin Bohatsch, Michael Kienzer, Alfred Klinkan, Rudi Molacek, Alois Mosbacher, Werner Reiterer, Martin Schnur, Ingeborg Strobl, Gustav Troger and Erwin Wurm. In recent times, many of these important artists have been the subjects of major solo exhibitions in prominent museums. At the same time, a considerable proportion of the artists whose works were present in the inaugural Admont exhibition (and who are now recognised as among the foremost in Austria) are native to Styria. This is the case for all the artists cited above. This aspect, celebrated at the time in the art world but now unremembered, will be the focus of the exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art planned for next year. Centre stage will thus be given to those artists with works among the meanwhile extensive collection of Admont Abbey whose artistic roots are to be found locally in Styria.

The spectrum will range from paintings by Hannes Schwarz (born in Weiz in 1926) through those by artists born in and after the late 1940s (including Hannes Priesch, born in Eggersdorf in 1954, Kurt Ryslavy, born in Graz in 1961, Anton Petz, born in Graz in 1962, Dieter Preisl, born in Judenburg in 1962, Norbert Trummer, born in Leibnitz in 1962, Matta Wagnest, born in Graz in 1964) to those of younger artists, such as Christoph Schmidberger (born in Eisenerz in 1974). It is no coincidence that so many Styrian artists play such major roles in the Austrian and, in some case, international art scene. The cultural hub that is Styria has been generating important new national and international directions in the field of the visual arts for decades now. And we, Admont Abbey, with our long tradition as the oldest existing monastery in Styria, intend to contribute towards this to the best of our ability. In this upcoming exhibition for the 2022 season the attempt will be made to throw light on and present in detail this remarkable Styria-based phenomenon. The artists themselves will be interviewed and various publications will be produced.

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