Kunst für Alle . Art for All

Barbara Eisner-B.

Welcome to the island hopping. Every work of art with its very specific environment is an island. Ready to be conquered by you. With all your senses. With your heart, your hands and your mind. Touching things and grasping them. The key to this is in your hands. Most of the artworks require your close personal interaction. Experience the change from viewing artworks en passant to actively discovering and exploring them. In an interactive and participatory manner. Seize this opportunity.

Whether alone, in dialogue, with friends, with school classes or in teams: Celebrate your very own personal art event! Explore the multifaceted world of ideas in art in a playful way. The artistic solutions are fascinating. Art sets worlds in motion! The spectrum ranges from simple sculptural works to highly complex multimedia art.

Further islands with one work each can be found in the Natural History Museum and in the panorama staircase area.

c barbara eisner b. 7

The artworks are selected exhibits from the collection BEYOND SEEING. Art that Brings Together the Blind and the Sighted. This special collection is an independent collection module within the museum’s own collection of contemporary art. It presently comprises 27 works of contemporary art that are equally accessible to the blind and the sighted. Since 2002—as a collection in progress under construction—selected artists have been commissioned to create such works. Completely in line with the MADE FOR ADMONT series.

jenseits des sehens 2 . ausstellung im contemporary art center winzavod moskau 20132014. c michael braunsteiner

The collection was first presented here in the museum in 2012. In 2013/14, it was presented and put up for discussion in the Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod, Moscow. An art event that drew a large amount of attention—with repeated visits, with associations for the blind and school classes visiting; with children who excitedly shared their experiences with their parents and grandparents—and thus often opened their eyes for art. Young people arranged to meet at the exhibition. They were playing, trying out things and laughing, marvelling at and passionately discussing things. This powerful and vibrant atmosphere has inspired us to examine the collection BEYOND SEEING. Art that Brings Together the Blind and the Sighted with the thematic focus PLAY ART! Kunst für Alle . Art for All.

c barbara eisner b. 6

In a separate room, you can find further information on the overall concept of BEYOND SEEING. Art that Brings Together the Blind and the Sighted. The video collage EINRAUM in progress is also shown there. Blind and sighted people explore the exhibits together.

Curated by: Michael Braunsteiner und Barbara Eisner-B.

With works from: Thomas Baumann, Wolfgang Becksteiner, Adi Brunner, Hannelore Demel-Lerchster, Johannes Deutsch, Manfred Erjautz, Heribert Friedl, Matthias Gommel, Michael Gumhold, Stefan Gyurko, Maria Hahnenkamp, Julie Hayward, Tomas Hoke, Anna Jermolaewa, Karl Karner, Michael Kienzer, Karl Leitgeb, Michael Maier, David Moises, Werner Reiterer, Constanze Ruhm, Emil Siemeister, Gustav Troger, Norbert Trummer, Martin Walde, Hans Winkler, Fabio Zolly 

Exhibition opened daily from 20 march to 3 november, 10 am to 5 pm

(up from 8th Century)

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