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The annual exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art will, in 2017, provide vivid insights into the Abbey’s past 20 years of collecting present-day artworks, an activity that commenced in 1997.

The range on display will cover examples of items that were first acquired to those that have only just been purchased. Photographic images and multimedia displays will show how the collection has grown mainly out of direct contacts with the various artists.

The collection as a whole now consists of more than 1500 works, the majority of which have been created by some 180 artists born or resident in Austria after the 1950s. The focus is primarily on Austrian contemporary art and its interaction with international art movements, while the purpose of our collecting activities is to provide targeted support to artistic creation. As part of our “MADE FOR ADMONT” programme, we continually invite artists to come and work at the Abbey. A feature that is unique in the world is our special collection “BEYOND SEEING – art that brings together the blind and the sighted”. This is also a lending collection that is available for loan to other museum institutes.

Curator: Michael Braunsteiner

The exhibition is opened during the winter period - please have a look at the opening times!

20 years collection of contemporary art – OPEN THE LINK  with the following artists: 

Siegfried Anzinger • Erwin Bohatsch • Herbert Brandl • Adi Brunner • Götz Bury • Gunter Damisch • Lore Demel-Lerchster • Johannes Deutsch • Manfred Erjautz • Bruno Gironcoli • Franz Grabmayr • Franz Graf •  Michael Gumhold • Claudia Hirtl • Lisa Huber • Judith Huemer • Christian Hutzinger • Alfred Klinkan • Ronald Kodritsch • Rudi Molacek • Tobias Pils • Konrad Rainer • Werner Reiterer • Lois Renner • Gerhard Rühm • Hubert Scheibl • Eva Schlegel • Hubert Schmalix • Christoph Schmidberger • Martin Schnur • Hannes Schwarz • Emil Siemeister • Norbert Trummer • Walter Vopava • Markus Wilfling • Erwin Wurm • Otto Zitko •

(up from 8th Century)

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