Heaven’s inferno dress

Heaven’s inferno dress

Carola Willbrand, 2017

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Carola Willbrand lives and works near Cologne; since 1981 projects, exhibitions, performances, artist books using materials of daily life: wallpaper, carpet, worn clothes. The thread ties all my materials together. The metaphor ‘thread’ is the image for life.

Kuenstlerische Intervention 2017Marcel Peda 4The final room of the Museum of Fine Arts has been made available since 2003 to contemporary artists to enable them to stage ‘artistic interventions’. No more than a portal separates the art of the periods from the Middles Ages to the Rococo from the art of the present day. The visitor can thus, as it were, traverse 200 years of history in a split second. This makes apparent the extent to which Admont Abbey identifies with modern art and endeavours to create a coherent dialogue between contemporary works and those of past epochs.

Kuenstlerische Intervention 2017Marcel Peda 2A penetrable chasuble made of used fabric provided by the artist, floats like a tent in a room. The art created with a sewing machine on it depicts the dance of death. The individual handmade paper can be folded akin to the fanfold paper. The fanfold paper as a means to create a space-filling sculptural design for an artist’s book has for long been an artistic preoccupation of Carola Willbrand. This work links to the historical fabric of Admont Abbey of Benno Hahn and to the new Gothic exhibition in the abbey. This dress, which is also a tent, represents a heavenly tent in the image of creation. And the other side depicts the entire story of the global textile trade, right up to the low-price fabric of our times manufactured under intolerable conditions.

(up from 8th Century)

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