Admont monastery in fast motion

The Admont monastery in fast motion of one day - view at the neo-gothical abbey church. The video is from Michael Finster, TRP1 TV.

LABORA - monks as parish priest, Admont monastery

P. Clemens Grill is parish priest in the Liesingtal. He speaks about his different tasks as a priest in the Admont monastery.

LABORA - Tasks of the monks within the Admont monastey

Ora et labora et lege - there are a lot of tasks for monks within the Admont monastery, for example in the economical enterprises, in the museum, the Archiv etc.

ORA - Pray, Admont monastery

Ora et labora et lege - the monks of the Admont monastery are meeting together a few times a day for praying.

Vocation of old-abbot Bruno Hubl

Old-Abbot Bruno Hubl - abbot of the Admont monastery from 1996 to 2017 - about the monastery and his personal vocation.

Vocation of Frater Vinzenz Schager

Frater Vinzenz Schager is one of the youngest monks in the Admont monastery. He tells in this video about his vocation to life in a monastery.

Made for Admont

The film shows the development of the collection of contemporary art in the Admont monastery as well as the advancement of this project.

(up from 8th Century)

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