Regulations for users

Regulations for users

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  1. On visiting for the first time, users will be required to produce proof of their identity and to sign a form to confirm that they will comply with the regulations for use of the library and archive.
  2. Users will be further required to inform the Abbey archivist/librarian of the purpose of their research in as much detail as possible. Please note that the archivist or librarian will then only be able to provide advice on what materials to consult; users will themselves need to conduct their own research using the archive and library materials provided. Users will need to have the necessary linguistic skills and ability to read historical scripts. Users must follow the instructions of the archive and library personnel at all times.
  3. The materials may only be consulted in the reading room under supervision. Users are not permitted to enter the archive itself. Private individuals may not borrow archive materials and books for consultation outside the reading room.
  4. Only suitably organised and non-sensitive archive materials that are not subject to the non-disclosure rules of the archive (i.e. materials must be from dossiers closed at least 50 years previously and, in the case of person-related materials, the person concerned must have died at least 30 years previously) or other confidentiality requirements will be released.
  5. Users must treat the archive materials and books released to them with appropriate care, leave these in the same order as found and replace them correctly in the labelled boxes or folders when returning them. Users are strictly forbidden to make notes etc. in archive materials or books, to use these as writing pads or to stack open archive materials and books on top of each other. To ensure that materials and books are handled with the appropriate care, users will be required to wear the gloves provided. Users are not permitted to use ballpoint or fountain pens. Users will be held personally liable for any damage they cause to archive materials or books.
  6. A limited number of photocopies of archive materials or books may be prepared, assuming that the condition of these is such that this procedure is acceptable. Users will be required to pay the cost of preparing photocopies to the archivist/librarian. It will not be possible to prepare photocopies of documents and files bearing seal impressions; the same applies to archive materials that may only be consulted with special authorisation. 
  7. The quantity of archive materials and books released to a user at any one time will be restricted to that considered appropriate by the archivist/librarian. Users may employ mobile data recording devices in the reading room after obtaining prior authorisation. On leaving their workplaces, users must notify the archivist/librarian that they have ceased work.
  8. Users who quote from archive materials or books held at Admont in publications will be required to provide citations in the appropriate form (Archive and library of Admont Benedictine Abbey [ABBA], inventory, box, fascicle reference or number). Prior authorisation must be obtained before editions or reproductions of archive materials are issued. On the publication or reproduction of the results of research derived from materials held in the archive or library, Admont Abbey archive is to be provided with an unsolicited file copy free of charge. This also applies in the case of unpublished diploma theses and dissertations.
  9. Users will be expected to be aware of the current stipulations of Austrian personal status legislation (Personenstandsgesetz), the data protection code (DSG) and copyright laws. By signing the form, users undertake to observe the stated regulations when publishing research results derived from consultation of materials provided and not to disclose confidential personal information. Users will be personally liable for the consequences of any failure to comply with this requirement.
  10. Failure to observe these regulations for users can result in the immediate exclusion from further use of the archive/library.
(up from 8th Century)

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