Meeting House

Meeting House

The second Admont estate!

Just one year was required to construct the Meeting House of the Benedictine Admont Abbey, which was officially opened in Graz on Sunday, 6 October 2002.

The former diocesan Bishop Dr. Egon Capellari blessed the house and expressed his delight that the Abbey had added to its presence in Graz by creating this “second Admont estate”, as he called it. Former Provincial Governor Waltraud Klasnic and the Mayor of Graz Siegfried Nagl also spoke words of greeting to the many guests present. The house in Johann-Fux-Gasse is intended as a meeting centre in Graz and as a link between the Admont foundation and the city.

The Abbey began construction of the Graz meeting centre in October 2001 and it was designed by the Graz-based architect firm Wallner and Schemitsch. “This house was built in order to facilitate contact between our community and the provincial capital,” explained the former Abbot Bruno Hubl in reference to the new structure. In this current era of rapid changes, new demands are placed on pastoral care. The Meeting House has been conceived with the aim of providing an innovative and suitable basis that will enable the Benedictine monks of Admont to continue to minister to the needs of others, just as they have been doing for the past 900 years.

But the Meeting House is also designed to serve the needs of culture and art. Benedictines have played an important role in cultural life for hundreds of years. The Meeting House will continue this tradition and serve as the venue for exhibitions, concerts, lectures and readings. It will also provide a communication channel for Admont Abbey, enabling it to provide information on its events and activities.

Student apartments

The new building complex also provides accommodation for eight students in the lower section of the structure. Admont Abbey places a particular focus on providing for the pastoral care of those studying in Graz and on helping them in their search for God.

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