Culture & Tourism

Culture & Tourism

Our Culture and Tourism department is responsible for all aspects relating to the library and the Abbey museums. In addition, it organises and implements all other cultural activities, events that are held on the Abbey grounds and undertakes other tourism-related tasks.

Its fields of activity include art historical, conservation and restoration work, the acquirement and loaning of artworks, the design of the annual programme, cultural PR activities and much more.

The department was originally formed and developed at the suggestion of Business Director Helmuth Neuner during the tenure of Abbot Benedict Schlömicher in 1995. At that time, it was known as the ‘Cultural division’. It was headed by Michael Braunsteiner until the new museum was opened in 2003. Even in the early years, it was able to organise major exhibitions (works of the Abbey sculptor Josef Stammel, liturgical textiles by Benno Haan, the Admont scriptorium etc.) that were accompanied by academic conferences. Under Abbot Bruno Hubl in 1997, it was decided to begin collecting contemporary art and to launch the complex ‘new museum’ project. The new large museum was planned and constructed in the years 1997 -2003. In 2004 – 2008, Admont Abbey library underwent extensive restoration.

‘Culture and Tourism’ has been the designation of the department since the opening of the museum in 2003; it is currently headed by two people, an ‘Artistic Director’ (Michael Braunsteiner from 2003) and a ‘Director of Tourism’ (Mario Brandmüller from 2017). There are various curators who are directly responsible for the individual sections (see below).

Important decisions are made in consultation with some monks of Admont Abbey and the business administration section (director: Helmuth Neuner) and also during the meetings of the ‘cultural committee’ that comes together several times a year.

Dr. Michael BraunsteinerDr. Michael Braunsteiner
Artistic director
+43 (0) 3613/23 12-604

Mario BrandmüllerMario Brandmüller
CEO culture, tourism and PR, CEO Kaiserau Tourismus GmbH
+43 (0) 3613/2312 317

Mag. (FH) Regina Huber
Project work marketing
+43 (0)3613/23 12-606

Museum team
+43 (0) 3613/23 12-604

Abbey Archive, Library, fine art and textiles

MMag. Father Prior Maximilian Schiefermüller O.S.B.
Abbey librarian/archivist, Custodiat of the fine art
+43 (0) 3613/23 12-602

Natural History Museum

DI Karl-Heinz KrischDI Karl-Heinz Krisch
Curator of the natural history museum
+43 (0)3613/23 12-609

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