Construction Department

Construction Department

A diligent mill wheel does not freeze!

In 1992 Master Builder Dipl.-Ing. Lambert Gahbauer took over the direction of the Construction Department. This is a non-profit concern primarily responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the Monastery and the 27 incorporated parishes.

Because of the extent and complexity of the work, it is under a licensed builder and registered as a building firm with the appropriate authorities. The concern is housed directly in the Monastery, the employees are under fixed contract and for the most part specially schooled masons, carpenters and cabinet-makers who still rebuild or restore using traditional handicrafts. Since 1995 common lime has again been slaked in large quantities and employed by the restorers, masons and painters. In doing this, concern is taken for the maximum economy and sustainability.

In the last 10 years the fabric has been fundamentally rebuilt (museum, archives, convent, Monastery cellar, school, Frauenberg) in cooperation with an architect, resulting in a clear and uniform line especially in Admont Monastery itself. The contrast between old and new, history and the present – an intensive and good cooperation with the State Historic Buildings Office is a basic prerequisite for this.

The task of the present Building Department is to coordinate and carry through all rebuilding and maintenance work, restorations and fresh construction from the project design to its completion. Part of the work is carried out with its own employees. In addition, work is put out to tender, which is beneficial for the local economy.


Video-TIP: Restoration of Dveri Pax

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