Commercial and other organisations

Commercial and other organisations

Admont’s commercial activities were originally concentrated in the sectors of agriculture and forestry. In recent decades, however, the concept of diversification has gradually been adopted and Admont has moved into new fields of business. Today, Admont’s business interests range from agriculture and forestry through the wood processing industry to energy supply and tourism.

Ora et labora et lege

Pray, work, and study ‒ these activities are fundamental to the rule of the Benedictine Order. A stable economic basis has always ensured that Admont Abbey remains autonomous and is able to carry out its various tasks. Abbot Bruno Hubl defines the relevance of the Abbey’s commercial activities as promoting “life in its religious, cultural and material dimensions”.

Admont Abbey as a driver of regional prosperity

Admont Abbey currently employs some 500 people in its various enterprises. These jobs and an extensive programme of investment have provided the regional economy with additional income that is to the benefit of local residents, suppliers and institutions and thus makes a significant contribution to regional prosperity.

“Our responsibility towards the region and a sustainable management concept are important determinants of our strategy,” emphasizes DI Helmut Neuner, the Business Director with overall responsibility for the commercial activities at Admont Abbey.

(up from 8th Century)

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