Herb garden

The herb garden was laid out in 1998 by the abbey pond, in the exact same space the baroque ornamental garden used to be. The garden follows the medieval principle of a coexistence of useful, medical and ornamental plants. About 1000 different species are planted in six geometrical squares.

Each square is dedicated to an important saint or a historic figure closely related to the abbey: Saint Benedict (founder of the Benedictine order), Saint Blasius (the abbey church”s patron saint), Archbishop Gebhard (founder of the monastery), P. Gabriel Strobl (monk in Admont and founder of the Natural History Museum), Abbot Engelbert of Admont (medieval scholar), Walahfried Strabo (medieval monk of Reichenau who established a garden similar to Admont”s herb garden).

The Herb Garden is open to the public.

Photo Gallery of the herb garden
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