• Abbot Gerhard Hafner O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    68th abbot of the Admont monastery (since 2017), parish priest and moderator in Admont, rector of the abbey church
  • Abt Bruno HublAbbot Bruno Hubl O.S.B.
    retired Abbot of the Admont Monastery (1996 – 2017), pastor in St. Gallen, Altenmarkt/Enns and Unterlaussa
  • CF002237_pp_pp_neuPater Maximilian Schiefermüller O.S.B., Mag. theol., Mag. phil.,
    Prior, court master, spokesman, Archivist and librarian, custos of sacral textiles, secretary of the capitel, prov. in Hall and Frauenberg, pilgrimage pastor and superior in Frauenberg, pastor in Ardning
  • P. ThomasPater Thomas Stellwag O.S.B., MMag. theol.
    Subprior, novice master and cleric master, 1st Cantor, headmaster and teacher for Italian and religious at the grammar school, parish priest in St. Gallen, Altenmarkt and Unterlaussa, dean of Admont
  • Subprior P. WinfriedAbbot Winfried Schwab O.S.B., Dipl. theol.
    Abbot of the abbey Neuburg in Heidelberg (Germany) since march 2016
  • P. KolomanPater Koloman Viertler O.S.B.
    oblate director, retired parish priest
  • P. GebhardPater Gebhard Grünfelder O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    retired grammar school headmaster, retired parish priest
  • P. BernhardPater Bernhard Menzel O.S.B.
    Parish priest in Wildalpen
  • P. PlacidusPater Placidus Suppan O.S.B., Dr. theol.
  • P. JosefPater Josef Wagner O.S.B.
    retired parish priest
  • P. AndreasPater Andreas Scheuchenpflug O.S.B.
    retired parish priest, temporary parish priest
  • P. BertholdPater Berthold Rosenegger O.S.B.
  • P. GabrielPater Gabriel Reiterer O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Pastor of the nursing home in Frauenberg, kitchen-chef, vestiar, casual parish priest
  • P. SiegmundPater Siegmund Peschl O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    retired parish priest, temporary parish priest
  • P. EngelbertPater Engelbert Hofer O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Parish priest in Landl, Gams and Palfau
  • P. EgonPater Egon Homann O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Parish priest in Admont, Director of the “Haus der Begegnung” in Graz, pastor in the dorm Münzgrabenstraße in Graz, prior of the commandery Graz of the cavalier holy grave to Jerusalem, regional coordinator in the Ennstal and Ausseerland
  • P. JohannesPater Johannes Aichinger O.S.B., Mag. theol., Mag. et Dr. iur.
    Teacher for religious instruction at the grammar school, chronicler, parish priest in Johnsbach and Weng
  • Pater Michael Robitschko O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Culture delegate, Parish priest in Trieben, St. Lorenzen and Hohentauern, Pastor of the Austrian Cartell-Union
  • P. WolfgangPater Wolfgang Fischer-Felgitsch O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Employee in the prefecture in Rome, honorary chaplain in S. Maria dell’Anima
  • P. ClemensPater Clemens Grill O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Parish priest in Mautern, Kalwang, Kammern, Traboch and Wald am Schoberpass, dean of Leoben
  • P. UlrichPater Ulrich Diel O.S.B., Mag. theol.
    Responsible for guests, 2nd cantor, delegate of the capitular, pastor in Frauenberg–Ardning und Hall
  • P. AugustinusPater Augustinus Gejdos O.S.B., Mag. et Dr. theol.,
    Pastor in Trieben,  St. Lorenzen und Hohentauern
  • P. JeremiasPater Jeremias Müller O.S.B., Dipl. theol.
    Priest in Graz-South, Graz-Liebenau and Graz-Thondorf, training to Psychotherapist in Germany and leader of “Bibliodrama”
  • fr_vinzenzFrater Vinzenz Schager O.S.B.
    Triennalprofess, cerimonial master, student of cath. Theology in Salzburg
  • Frater Alexander Weiss Nov. O.S.B.
  • Frater Rupert Schwarz Nov. O.S.B.