Guest accommodation

Gastpater P. Ulrich Diel OSB
Gastpater P. Ulrich Diel OSB

Admont Benedictine Abbey is first and foremost a place of spiritual contemplation. Many people come here to ‘get away from it all’, to free their minds once more and to rediscover God. As we only have a limited number of guest rooms in the Abbey, we would recommend those visiting Admont as tourists or in order to view our cultural treasures to book accommodation in one of the hotels in Admont town (such as the Hotel Spirodom).

There are four forms of accommodation available in the Abbey itself:


We can provide accommodation for up to 14 persons for parish councils, Christian youth groups, closed session ecclesiastical meetings and training courses.


The Abbey lies on several pilgrimage routes (the Path of St. Benedict, the Hemma Pilgrimage Route and the Mariazell Way)

Men and women (free egress)

We will be happy to accommodate you as an individual for up to 1 week. Guests are welcome to join certain of our services (such as Community Mass at 7.00 am). The Abbey also provides a recreation room and a small room for our guests’ private meditations. During the day, you will be able to worship in the Abbey church and the Benediktus chapel. There are plenty of opportunities for walks and you should use the opportunity of your stay with us to visit our Abbey library and Museum. You can conclude your stay with us by making a pilgrimage to Frauenberg.

Men (temporary retreat in the cloister)

Our male guests are welcome to join the monks during the Celebration of the Liturgy. We worship several times a day (6.15 am Vigil and Lauds, 7.00 am Holy Mass, 12.15 pm Daytime Prayer, 5.45 pm Vespers and Compline). All services take place in the cloister (living quarters of the monks).

All guest rooms have an en-suite shower and toilet.

If you would like to stay with us, please contact our guestmaster well in advance.