Enter the monastery

Enter the monastery

Everyday life in our community follows the guidelines set down in the Rules of St. Benedict although these have been appropriately adapted to the needs of our era and the mission of our particular foundation.

The primary and most important duty of every monk is to seek God, although we do not have to do this on our own; we know that we can depend on the support of our fellow brothers. Our sense of fellowship is made particularly apparent to us through our shared celebration of Divine Office and Holy Mass, when we eat together, converse, celebrate feast days and our Saints’ days, on excursions, when we visit each other and care for our older and sick brothers and during the occasional relaxing get-together when we even get to enjoy a glass of wine.


How to become a monk

Initial stages

  • Men can first come to us as on temporary retreat so they can become more familiar with life in the monastery.
  • Those who find that they wish to enter the monastery permanently will first need to contact our novice master.

Frater Vinzenz_Einkleidung_Stift Admont (2)Candidates must hold at least a higher education entrance qualification (equivalent to the Austrian ‘Matura’) or a professional qualification and have completed their national service. Candidates should be in the age range 18 – 40 years unless otherwise agreed.

The phases of becoming a monk at Admont are as follows:

  • Candidacy and postulancy (3 – 6 months)
  • Application for admission to the novitiate
  • Investiture in the monastic robe and commencement of the 12-month novitiate
  • Application to make the three-year temporary vows
    Once novices have made their temporary vows, they begin or continue to study theology so that they can subsequently be ordained as a priest. Novices who are already ordained and those with other professional qualifications can be assigned appropriate duties and tasks.
  • Application to make the solemn (final) vows

Further information to benedictine vows.


Oblate – To be closely connected with the abbey

There are many who strive in their family, professional and social spheres to live in accordance with the message of the Gospels. Among these are those who wish to do this in spirit of the Rules of St. Benedict. These individuals have the option of affiliating themselves with a Benedictine monastery or community as an ‘OBLATE’.

At Admont, we too have men who have decided to live in accordance with the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict and have entered into a bond with us as secular oblates. They are with us and we with them in our prayers and worship; we share in their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears just as they share in ours.

Oblates are first required to undergo a probationary and preparatory period (roughly 12 months). The abbot and oblate master decide whether to admit a candidate to the probationary period after consultation with the monastery chapter. It is essential that the candidate exhibits a genuine readiness to live in accordance with the spirit of Gospels using the way set down by St. Benedict and also has the firm intention of affiliating themselves with the Monastery of St. Blasius in Admont.

Whenever possible, oblates and those who wish to become one can participate with us in prayer and worship and eat together with the monks.

P.-Koloman_142x190If you are interested in learning more about becoming an oblate, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our community or our oblate master, Father Koloman:
T. +43 (0) 664 60353739