Library and Museum of Admont Abbey

The large new museum at Admont Abbey was opened in 2003. It has since become an important feature of the museum landscape in Austria. It extends over three floors and two wings. Its exhibition space is equivalent to that in 36 standard-sized houses.

Combines old and new

NHM_Vitrine mit WachsobstWhat make it special are the exciting way it combines old and new in terms of its architecture and exhibits and the vast array of the items on display. It brings together under the same roof art from the Middle Ages to the present, manuscripts and incunabula, a Natural History Museum dating to 1866 – 1906 (the ‘Museum in the Museum’), a Museum of Fine Arts, special exhibitions, a multimedia Abbey presentation, the Gesäuse National Park experience room and a museum workshop. New starting with 2 May is the GOTHIC-Museum.

World largest monastery library

Bibliothek_Stift AdmontBut the most impressive feature of the Abbey for many of our visitors is the late Baroque library. It is the largest monastery library space in the world. The fascinating interaction between tradition and innovation is further apparent in the items on display, the staging of exhibitions and in many other aspects. At the focus of the on-going collection activities at Admont is contemporary art and at the core is the collection of specially commissioned works of the MADE FOR ADMONT series. Our special collection BEYOND SEEING ‒ ART THAT BRINGS TOGETHER THE BLIND AND THE SIGHTED is unique.

Please notice: Library and museum are barrier-free!

Museum programm

HP Kinderprogramm Museumswerkstatt (1)The programme offered by the museum workshop is specifically tailored to the interests of our younger visitors. After the visit you can enjoy a meal in our Stiftskeller restaurant. You will also be suitably impressed by the Abbey church and the Abbey estate. If you wish to stay overnight here, we can recommend the accommodation offered by the Hotel SPIRODOM in Admont while you can then combine a visit to the Abbey with a visit to GESÄUSE NATIONAL PARK. Diversity is the spice of life!

Museum Shop

Museumsshop_Stift AdmontAfter the visit you have the opportunity to buy different things in our museum shop, for example our award-winning DVERI-PAX wines or our products of the MADE FOR ADMONT line, for example books, culinary products or devotional objects. You can order our MADE FOR ADMONT products: +43 3613/2312 604 oder

Collection strategy

Click here for more information on the collection strategy of Admont Abbey.