Kids in the museum

Kids in the museum in the Admont Abbey


Monti – the bookworm

My name is „Monti“ – May I introduce myself? I am Monti, the bookworm and I live in one of the most wonderful places of the world in the world largest monastery library in Admont. There are so many storys and adventures, so that I have much to read. You should know, that I have a lot of friends here in the museum. Together we experience everyday some fascinating adventures. Now, come and visit me at the Admont monastery – I am glad to meet you!

Treasure-hunting for kids in the museum

Dear kids, do you like to explore our museum? Expect the unexpected …

The Admont Abbey houses the world largest monastery library and a museum, which brings together under the same roof art from the Middle Ages to the present. Take the unique oportunity to discover and get to know exciting things of the house. There are lots of hidden corners round the Monastery and the church which can be explored together with Monti! Equipped with a map kids could find the hidden treasures!

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