Gothic – permanent exhibition

Gothic-Exhibition 2017 in the Admont monastery:

Collection Mayer – Art from the Middle Ages – started on 2 May in the Admont monastery



The Gothic-Exhibition started on 2 May 2017!

To the already extraordinary diversity of the collections – now widely celebrated – in the museum of Admont Abbey is to be added a further and permanent dimension. A group of medieval sculptures, painted panels and stained glass items selected from the Mayer Collection and entitled “Close to Heaven” will shortly be on display here. This exhibition employs largely donated artworks and reflects the recently engendered interest in the religious sculpture of the late Middle Ages, a fascination that extends across the boundaries of all denominations and beliefs.

Among the exhibits on display will be various examples of the effigies of the Virgin Mary known collectively as the “Schöne Madonnen” (ca. 1400), works by Niklaus Weckmann of Ulm and by the master from South Tyrol, Hans Klocker of Brixen. The presence of God and the splendours of this world, soul and culture blend to provide a synthesis of the arts. The items accumulated by Kuno Mayer are the visible evidence of his many years of association with the trade in specialised artworks. The purpose of the collection as a whole is promote more permanent interest in the art of the Middle Ages across a more broader range of the public.

For Kuno Mayer, the activity of collecting art is something that not only unites enthusiasm with knowledgeabilty, but that also builds a bridge between philanthropy and the world of money. He considers that the values embodied in art and culture provide us with the mainstays of order and stability and enrich our inner being.


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