Secondary School

Our private school serves the local community and has an extensive catchment area and a heterogeneous mix of pupils. Its aim is to foster individual skills and interests and it offers three areas of specialisation:

  • “Gymnasium” languages
  • “Realgymnasium” and “Oberstufenrealgymnasium”
    Natural sciences
  • “Musisches Realgymnasium” music

In addition, since school year 2013/14, we also provide a limited number of full day classes.


Gymnasium_außen 2Those pupils specialising in languages begin in year 4 with Latin or Italian and in year 6 also have the opportunity to choose between French and Latin. Pupils can also take an elective course in Italian (from year 4 in the case of those studying Latin).
Natural sciences

The focus here is on courses on technical drawing, scientific experimentation at the elementary level and laboratory science or technology (with computer science and descriptive geometry) at the senior level.

P.Samuel_Stiftsgymnasium Admont (3)


Pupils specialising in music learn an instrument and the emphasis is on classes in music theory and on choral singing. Our school has a total of six choral groups, a string ensemble and a swing orchestra.


The corresponding elective subjects are taught from years 7 to 8 during school terms. There are also various non-compulsory classes and subjects and pupils additionally have the opportunity to obtain qualifications in languages and computer science. The school encourages its pupils to participate in contests in various areas.

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