The Benedictine vows

3Stabilitas (stability) – Steadfastness in adherence to Christ and thus to God, in adherence to the specific community and adherence to the decision made of one’s own volition. Throughout life’s ups and downs, a monk must always stay true to God, the community he has chosen, to himself and to the vows he has taken.

Conversatio morum (fidelity to the monastic way of life) – A monk must participate in the Benedictine routine of the community that he has decided to join. He becomes part of it and can expect, in return, that his community will support him in all situations in which he finds himself.

Oboedientia (obedience) – A monk must always submit himself to the will of God. He must be aware of what is required in specific situations and be attentive to encounters. He is particularly required to exhibit obedience to his superiors; at the same time, however, he must keep the needs of his fellow brothers in mind.